Fiberglass Doors

Fibreglass Doors

Canadian Home Fibreglass Doors are available in classic wood-grain stains to closely mimic the luxury appearance of wood doors or they can be factory painted in a wide variety of our custom paint colours.

Crafted from the same family of glass fiber reinforced polymers commonly used in aerospace, automotive and marine industries Canadian Home Fiberglass Doors are extremely durable and will not crack, split, warp, dent or rust when exposed to out harsh Canadian climate.

Displayed are individual fiberglass insulated slabs available to use in many door configurations which can be finished in any of our custom paint colours or wood-grain stains and could include a wide variety of decorative glass inserts.

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22 - 4 Lite

4 Lite

81 - Contemporary Gr2


83 - Contemporary GR4


84 - Contemporary GP


85 - Contemporary GR5


76 - 5 Lite

5 Lite

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