Caring for your home comes from every angle, from maintenance, home improvements to general upkeep, but what many don’t realize is just how much depreciation is occurring behind the scenes. For instance, what do you think you’ll likely find if you were to strip down a wall? In most cases, especially when you haven’t invested in siding, you will find a damp environment that encourages rotting and warping that is deteriorating your home from the inside out.

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How Poor Siding Causes Damage

We all anticipate general wear and tear that accompanies environmental conditions, but other damages can become a nuisance and a significant financial burden, whether foreseen or not. For instance, when your home’s siding begins to fail, your home becomes more susceptible to moisture, which eventually leads to rotting, mould growth, and other interior damage. In addition, ineffective siding allows easy access for insects to enter your home, which can cause even more damage and hardship, especially when they begin to nest.

Since siding acts as the barrier between your home’s infrastructure and exterior elements, it’s vital to ensure that it is always in good condition.

Timely siding replacement or repair can save your home from damage and also spare you considerable expense in the long run.

Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Siding

Knowing when to replace siding is key to mitigating extensive damage. Thankfully, the signs of ineffective siding are easy to identify, so be sure to look out for the following:

  1. Bending or warping – if you notice the siding pulling away from the surface of your home, you may want to consider replacing it. Gaps in your siding will allow moisture to enter, which will cause damage.
  2. Interior damage – peeling paint or sagging wallpaper on interior walls could indicate a moisture problem.
  3. Mould growth – green or black patches on your siding indicates mould growth due to excessive moisture accumulation.
  4. Soft spots – if you walk around your house and find areas of the siding that give in slightly, you may have weak spots that indicate rotting boards.

Similar to changing a wound’s dressing regularly to avoid infection, the siding of your home should be replaced often to keep damage at bay.

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