The warranty on your door and window replacement services is something you need to understand for the longevity of your home in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville,  and the Niagara Falls region. Our products in Ontario come with a range of entitlements that ensure you can replace certain elements when it is through no fault of your own that they cannot be used effectively. In addition, several components within these functional designs should never break or degrade while you are using them and therefore are covered by specific promises from us. Read on to find out more or browse our product range right now!

Doors & Patios

Our products come with warranty coverage on all white vinyl components to ensure that your installations maintain their look and integrity over time. Both decorative and insulating glass is covered for 20 years as well, giving you peace of mind that you can find suitable replacement options if your glass breaks before its time. With these functional elements and paint sections included in the coverage, you can invest in stunning entrance or patio options that can stand the test of time.


The coverage for replacement windows is similar to that of doors, with a few slight differences in the offering. Both glass and vinyl components within this product range are under a lifetime warranty. If adequately manufactured and maintained, these durable materials and components should last far beyond this period. In addition, exterior paint on the surfaces is covered for a decade. This coverage ensures that you can get your windows taken care of without worry or payment when they are covered under our promise when your windows are having issues.

Window and door replacement warranties are essential elements to understand when investing in your home. Your feature of consumer protection ensures promises are kept and that you, the consumer, don’t lose out because of manufacturer or installer fault. We service clients across Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, and the Niagara Falls region. Contact us today to find out more, or browse our coverage below.

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